The Pro Series Simulator Screen is the ultimate Golf Accessory for your Pro Series Net!

  • It is designed for use with any Golf Simulator Software and Projector.

  • It easily converts your Pro Series Net into a Simulator Screen in minutes!
  • Velcro Tabs make installation a snap! Allowing you to easily switch between Simulator and Ball Return mode.
  • Now play your favorite course anywhere, anytime with your Pro Series Net.

Screen Specifications

    • The actual size of a Pro Series Simulator Screen is 83″ High x 94″ Wide (6’9″ H x 7’8″ W).
    • The measurement from the Lower Left Hand Corner to the Upper Right Hand Corner is – 125″ (10′ 4″)
    • With your projector use a 4:3 Aspect Ration rather than a 16:9 Aspect Ratio due to the squareness of our screen.
    • To test the exact size of the picture that will show up on the Simulator Series screen with your projector model, consult the manufacturers projector distance calculator. This allows you to plug in the projector model you are using, distance from screen, aspect ratio, etc. providing you with an exact picture size ahead of time.

Please Note –

A. The Simulator Software, Projector, Turf and Pro Series Net are not included in this purchase.

B. Simulator Screens are the one product that we do not accept returns on. The screen is made of white polyester fabric and can easily be smudged or be stained if handled improperly. Please consider this prior to purchase…

C. When the product arrives it will be folded in the box and have wrinkles and creases. Utilize an iron on a medium setting to remove any wrinkles.