Simulator Tees

Introducing our New Simulator Tees, also winter and range tees.  We have been testing these in simulators for the past 3 years.  These are by far the tee of choice in all the simulators where the testing was conducted.

You get 3 tees, one par-3 or hybrid tee one 1.50″ tee and one 1.75″ tee.  The 1.75″ is a new height from Royaltees.

(FYI: Please check out our new “PhatTee” for the1.5″ and 1.75″ regular tees with a larger base and top diameter.)

Use these at your favorite Simulator or Range or in the Winter when the ground is too hard to insert a normal Royaltee.

These are also great for senior or handicap people where it is difficult to push a tee into the ground.