The lightweight aluminum frame makes this TruGolf’s most portable unit. The unit is easily set up and taken down, with
no tools required for installation.
The Vista Series is sold with cutting-edge hardware and software, for a complete golf simulation experience tee-togreen.
This unit is sold standard with software for: Course Play, Club Fitting, and Practice. TruGolf technology provides
in-depth feedback, including: Club Path, Club Face, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Club Head Speed and more.

With its compact size (9’ W x 12’ D x 8 H), the Vista 8 Base Unit is the most portable and affordable option from the Vista Series.
E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
Projector – HD 720p
Computer – Not Included
Monitor – Not Included


9’W x 12’D x 8’H


15’W x 20’D x 10’H